Alexander Alich BA, BSc, PG Cert., Doctoral Research Student

Practitioner, Lecturer & Author
Director, FoxFire Institute of Shamanic Studies

Celebrating 31 Years in Practice!

Flemmingstraße 8
12163 Berlin (Steglitz)

Near (U9) Schlossstraße & (S1) Rathaus-Steglitz
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Tel: +49 (30) 79 74 56 53
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We are open!

As of 01 March 2022, I will be taking a limited number of new clients for in-person, telephone, or Zoom meetings. I have also reinstated my waiting list.

In the Practice, our hygiene plan has been updated in accordance with the current RKI/CDC public health advice. We are running a HEPA 99,95 air filter, regularly airing all rooms, and sitting at the appropriate distance.

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Shamanism & Spiritual Practice:

  • Supervision and Support for Lay and Professional Shamanic Practitioners
  • Guidance after Shamanic Quests, Events, Workshops & Emergence Experiences
  • Mentoring, Skills and Support for Neurodiversity / Neurodivergent Clients
  • Spiritual Care for Long-COVID (under your medical practitioner’s supervision)

Native American Medicine:

  • Healing for Spirit Loss and Imbalances
  • Trauma specialty since 1991
  • Narrative Healing (Healing through Storytelling)
  • Ritual, Blessing, and Purification work
  • Clearing and Blessing for Places (homes, flats, gardens, and businesses)
  • Rituals for Transitions

Research in shamanism:

  • Patient Safety and Risk
  • Professionalism
  • Ethical Practice
  • Legal Aspects of Shamanic Practice

Current Research: Through the University of Birmingham, UK, I am conducting an online survey for shamanic practitioners, and people who have participated in shamanic healings, treatments, or ceremonies. If you would like to fill out the survey, you can find it here

Profiles & Publications:

Research at the University of Birmingham, UK

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Last updated: 03 May 2022