Alexander Alich BA, BSc, PG Cert., Doctoral Research Student

Practitioner, Lecturer & Author
Director, FoxFire Institute of Shamanic Studies

Celebrating 30 Years in Practice!

Flemmingstraße 8
12163 Berlin (Steglitz)

Near (U9) Schlossstraße & (S1) Rathaus-Steglitz
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Tel: +49 (30) 79 74 56 53
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We are open!

As of August 2021, I will be taking new clients for in-person, telephone or Zoom meetings.

Our hygiene plan has been updated in accordance with the current RKI/CDC public health advice. We are running a HEPA 99,95 air filter, regularly airing all rooms, and sitting at the appropriate distance.

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Shamanism & Spiritual Practice:

  • Supervision and Support for Lay and Professional Shamanic Practitioners
  • Guidance after Shamanic Quests, Events, Workshops & Emergence Experiences
  • Skills and Support for Highly Sensitive Persons, Autism Spectrum & Neurodiversity
  • Spiritual Care for Long-COVID (under your doctor’s supervision)
  • LBGTQIA Support

Native American Medicine:

  • Healing for Spirit Loss and Imbalances
  • Trauma specialty since 1991
  • Narrative Healing (Healing through Storytelling)
  • Ritual, Blessing, and Purification work
  • Clearing and Blessing for Places (homes, flats, gardens, and businesses)
  • Rituals for Transitions

Research focus in shamanism:

  • Patient Safety and Risk
  • Professionalism
  • Ethical Practice
  • Legal Aspects of Shamanic Practice

Profiles & Publications:

Research at the University of Birmingham, UK

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Last updated: 21 July 2021